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COB LED Strip Light

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Model HS-D09
Voltage 24V DC
LED Qty 320LED/M, 384LED/M
480LED/M 512LED/M
608 CCT LED Strip
480 / 840 RGB LED Strip
Color 6000K / 4000K / 3000K / White color
CCT Color, RGB Color
Package 5Meters/Roll
Warranty 3 Years warranty. MOQ 500Meters
Product Detail
Direct COB LED Strip Supplier From China , Best pirce , Fast Shipping : Euro 0.99 / Meter

COB LED STRIP LIGHT, Stretch Ceiling LED STRIP Supplier From China with best price

5mm Ultra Thin COB LED Strip
  COB LED Streifen 24V  , 5mm cob strip

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This our brand new 24v COB LED strip that allows for an incredibly smooth dot free light without the need to use an led profile, a first of its kind on the market. It has a high level of flexibility and versatility which gives you an added advantage when it comes to installation.
  No Dot LED Tape, FOB led strip, Red cob strip, Green cob strip, Blue cob strip

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CCT Tunable COB LED Strip Light
  CCT Tunable COB LED Strip Light

COB LED Strip Light , which called COB FOB LED light tape, is the newest innovation in 2019 It's high density chips and provides a completely uniform light linewithout any light dot or dark area.Pure White ,Warm White, Natural White ar all available for choice.

 COB LED Strip, COB Tape Light, COB LED BAND

Features :

COB Flexible LED Tape Light

  • 1. Adopt Brand Led Chip,high Brightness, Low Light Decay. Lifespan More Than 25000 Hours.
  • 2. Color: 2700k, 3000k, 4000k, 6000k , Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.
  • 3. All of Materials Are Accord With Rohs Standards
  • 4. Easy to Install and Preserve;can Be Bent Freely; With 3m Adhesive Tape On the Backside.
  • 5. High Color Efficiency, Uniform Illumination.
  • 6. Beam Angle 180°.

  Helminer LED STRIP,  528LED/M 3000K 4000K 6000K COB Strip

IP67 Waterproof COB LED Strip
  IP67 Cob led strip , Silicone Tube COB strip

COB LEDs are very cost effective light sources in LED lighting business.

Waterproof grade:
IP20--- non-waterproof
IP65--- drop silicone
IP67--- silicone tube
IP68--- extrusion
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China LED Strip Light Manufacturer : 2835.3528.5050.5630.COB Strips...

  • CRI90 SDCM<3 120LED.Meter 2835 LED STRIP Light HS-C02/120
  • 5050 60LED/M, 14.4W 2700K - 6500K Classical LED Strip HS-B01/White
  • 3528 120LED/M, 3000K - 6500k Classical LED Strip HS-A01
  • 5630/5730 60LED/M, High Power LED Strip HS-D01
  • Rigid LED Strip Special design for Stretch Ceiling. HS-C08

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