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Led Rgb Touch Controller

  2.4G RGB Touch LED Controller


Model HS-A01/A
Voltage 12V DC - 24V DC
Output current 6A ( each channel )
Connecting model common anode
Working temperature -20-60℃
Static power < 1W
Warranty 3 Years warranty. MOQ 50pcs
Application RGB series LED Light controller
Features :

2.4G LED Rgb Touch Controller

The rgb remote control is a universal body touch controller, which adopts the most advanced PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control technology; it can control all kinds of DC12V-24V LED lighting products, for example: LED mode, LED strips, LED light box, LED light source, etc. It is easy to connect and simple to use, with synchronous indicating light and power off memory function etc. Users can choose different kinds of dynamic and color models, adjust brightness, speed, etc. Models include flash effect, strobe effect, fade effect and so on.

RGB LED Controller Wireless Touch Remote

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  RGB LED Controllers for Color Changing LED Effects

  Color Changing RGB LED Controllers

  programmable rgb led controller

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DC12V-24V 2.4G RF Touch RGB pwm wireless remote led strip controller with memory

LED Controller for RGB LED Strip Light - Direct LED Controller supplier from China with best price high quality.

The LED controller is used for the flexible led strip light, for example :
RGB LED Controller for 5050 RGB LED Strip Light.
RGBW LED Controller for RGBW LED Strip Light.
RGB+CCT LED Controller for RGB+CCT 5-IN-1 LED Strip Light.
CCT LED Controller for CCT Color temperature adjustable LED Strip Light.
LED Dimmer Controller for White 3000K / 4000K / 6500K White LED Strip Light.